In the last few years, insurgency has been growing in a phenomenal way and it has become a new kind of threat to all the common people. We live in fear, a nameless, formless fear of the unknown. Of what is to come. The fear of our deformed and mutilated present is burning out all hope for a fertile future. Our only prayer is “God, let me not be the next victim! I don’t want to die. I want to live”.

This play is based on an incident that occurred between a brother and sister and the strong emotional ties that bind them together.

Director’s Note:

The play revolves around the chracter of a victim who has been traumatized by the present situation developed out of political conspiracy and unrest in the society. The victim get so affected that she becomes insane. The play also portrays the cultural elements of the various art forms of Manipur.

Produced By : NT Theatre
Directed By : Ningthoujam Deepak
Language : Manipuri
Duration : 1hr 20min