A Pena player forewarms of an unknown disaster lurking in the deep water of the river of life and no one would escape from that dangerous spot. Fisherman Rabei and n Lemba fall victim to an attack and are taken captives. A sculptor who was working in the area instructs the fisherman’s wife Leihao, who is a priestess, to find her lost ones by using her hidden power. But while she is searching for them, she is captured by an unknown force. She is forcibly given liquor, raped and left alone in a secluded area. People mistake her fpr women of loose character and punish her severely. Later on, the head mother and her follower of the school of maibis come to take her back to there order. When her son Lemba returns, he takes up the chisel to carve a statue of peace and finds that the old sculptor had also turned into a statue himself. While he was working with his chisel, the pena player of the modern times remains still.

Director’s Note:

The play is an attempt to show the various ritual involved with the life of a priestess in a Manipur society. It is the story of how a priestess, by using her hidden power, tries to trace her husband and gets lost in this conflicting situation of this society as it usually happens. While searching for them, she also becomes a victim of the vil forces. For depicting the journey of the priestess through tough times, various ritual art forms of Manipur are portrayed in this play.

Produced by : NT Theatre, Manipur
Directed by : Ningthouja Deepak
Language : Manipuri
Duration : 2hrs 10mins