Mythical Surrender

In human history, during war and armed conflict situations, the victorious party often raped women folk of the vanquished party and it was performed routine work rather than and exception. The play is constructed upon this kind of military combing operations conducted as counter insurgency measures in the north east region of the country. The existing conflict situation where nobody could question the power is express by using cover and symbolic theatrical gestures.

Storyline goes as one woman (Sanarei) was raped by serpent-like human and there by making her enceinte. Such a heinous act left an agonising, oppressive and ever lasting memory in her life. When the child born out of this unholy alliance grows up, it adopted the serpentine manners of the rapist. Unavaible to bear any longer, the mother kills the son only to save the future of her society. And lastly she surrendered herself to the snake like people only for nameshake.

Director’s Note:

A play based on our contemporary society where the weak is dominated by the strong. It is a natural phenomenon that a mother loves a child born by her but if the child is an unwanted one born out of unholy alliance, then the mother is even bound to kill the child who grows up to adopt the callous nature of the rapist. In the conflict situation of our society people suffer due to the black laws and in the name of counter insurgency the state actor can do anything to the people. Nobody can question them but to remain silent cursing themselves. This play is an attempt to appeal to the law makers to make the society a peaceful one without any fear or trauma.

Produced by : NT Theatre, Manipur
Directed by : Ningthouja Deepak
Language : Manipuri
Duration : 1hr 10mins