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NT theatre, Manipur since its inception in the year 1997 has been engaged in multifarious cultural activities without having and slowness and monotony waves with an army of creative artists challenging with the changing world and interacting with many cultural aspect in dimension.

The much acclaimed ' KRISHNA AVTAR' broadcast in the AIR Imphal every Janmastami was also directed by the late Ningthoujam Tombi. He was also the Director of MDU To keep his memories alive Ningthoujam Tombi Theatre or NT Theatre, Manipur was established as an atribute to him. So far NT Theatre , Manipur has been organising the North East Theatre Festival since 2011 till date as a calendar programme. Recently , an Asian Theatre Festival 2015 was orgasnised as apart of the Manipur Sangai Festival 2015 with Groups Participating from Japan, Bangladesh and from within the country also. NT Theatre, Manipur is a registered body and an impaneled group under Indian council for cultural Relations (ICCR), Ministry of external affairs, govt of India.

NT Theatre has organized All India Multilingual short play competition in the year 1999 and has been organizing north east theatre festival since 2011 till date. The group had been shortlisted among the 10 best play of India out of more than 300 entries every year in the 6TH ,7th,and 8th Mahindra excellence in theatre awards for 3 consecutive year from 2011-2013 ,having won the best innovative sound design 2011,Best choreographer 2011 and best original playwright 2011.It has also won the best stage Design 2012 organized by Mahindra groups at New Delhi. The group had also participated consecutively for 3 years at 14th,15th, and 16th Bharat Rang Mahotsav ,International theatre festival of India organized by the national school of drama, new delhi.

The group had also participated in the National Theatre Festival of Kerala at Kerala organized by Department of Information & Public Relation, Govt. of Kerala.

It has also part participated in the Abhinaya National Theater Festival 2013 & 2014 at Hyderabad and Tirupati(A.P) organized by Abhinaya.

The recent visit of the members of the 14th Finance Commission of India to Manipur witnessed our special play ‘MYTHICAL SURRENDER’ for them at the Hongnemshang NT Theater’s playhouse with various dignitaries of the Govt. of Manipur including the chief Secretary of Manipur.

The group is still trying to impact training to its artistes with the new and changing faces of theatre in the world today and is trying to go hand and hand with the modern theatre trend.


  •  To enrich life by connecting and inspiring through the performing arts.
  •  NT Theatre also strives to be a thriving center of theatrical and creative excellence.
  •  We are also committed to nurturing the creative impulse and provide an environment for artists to imagine and grow freely, create quality theatre, and inspire our community.
  •  Pleasing the widest possible audience.
  •  Influence future generations.
  •  NT Theatre will work to become the epicenter of theatre internationally.


Ningthouja Deepak started his acting career at young at the young age of seven, under the guidance of his father Ningthoujam Tombi Singh, who was the director of MDU, the oldest theatre Institution of Manipur. He worked with Theatre Mirror of Manipur for about fifteen years, and has been working as Director, NT Theatre, sice 1999. With more than twenty five years of experience in theatreand allied aet forms, he has participated in several national theatres festivals; and has conducted workshops aimed at the promotion of theatrical activities; and has won various state and national level awards and the Junior Fellowship under the Ministry of Culture. He has produced and directed a Manipuri feature film, Nirupama, and numerous tele-dramas and documentaries for Doordarshan, Guwahati. In 2011 Mr. Deepak won the META Award or Best Choreographer for his play Mythical Surrender, and he has been nominated in this festival in the Best Director Category from 2011- 2013 continuously.


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History of development of Manipuri theatre

The first permanent theatre house in Manipur started at the early years of 20th century, in the form of Manipur Friends Dramatic Union. During the starting of this new era plays were mainly Manipuri adaptation of Bengali plays. But 1925 saw the beginning of truly Manipuri plays with "Narasingh". The pace of theatrical movement was geared up with the institution of various groups such as Manipur Dramatic Union (MDU) (1930), Arian Theatre (1935), Chitrangada Natya Mandir (1936), Society Theatre (1937), Rupmahal (1942), Cosmopolitan Dramatic Union (1968), The Chorus Repertory Theatre of Ratan Thiyam (1976) etc. These groups started experimenting with various types of plays apart from historical and pauranic ones. As a result theatre started to disperse to other parts of Manipur to encourage people to take active part in developing this art form.



From 19th -25th FEB, 2016









Kalakshetra, manipur

Hungry Stone

H. Tomba


NT Threatre, Manipur

Lament of a window

Ningthouja Deepak


(Special Show) Theatre Shine, West Bengal

Tomar Dake

Suvojit Bandyopadhyay


Yumjao Lairembi Drama & Cultural union, Manipur

Eikhoibu Kanana Kanbini

L. Shyamkishor


NT Threatre, Manipur

Lament of a window

Ningthouja Deepak


Hill Theatre Nagaland


Pabitra Rabha


Aryan Threatre, Manipur

Nong Tarak-le

Dr. N. Premchand


Sarsa, Assam

Biral Topaswee

Asim Kumar Nath




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Ningthouja Deepak
NT Theatre,
Keishamthong Laishom Leirak,
Imphal – 795001
Contact No. : 9862296459 / 9862485118
E-mail : nt.theatre@gmail.com

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